John McCall, PhD.

Chairman of the Board

Dr. McCall began his career as a medicinal chemist with Upjohn and subsequently held positions with Pharmacia and Upjohn, Pharmacia, and Pfizer. He was Director of CNS Research with Upjohn, Vice President and Global Head of Chemistry for both Pharmacia and Pharmacia Upjohn and Vice President Research with Pfizer. He has extensive consulting experience via his privately owned PharMac firm, advising NIH, academic, and pharmaceutical partners in the translational drug discovery and development areas. Dr. McCall’s expertise includes medicinal biochemistry, steroidal chemistry, risk minimization and strategic planning. Dr. McCall currently chairs a NINDS development team in the spinal muscular atrophy area, serves on boards and scientific advisory boards, consults, participates as a NIH study section member, works with three venture capital funds, and is a partner with the Upjohn Group. Dr. McCall’s Board and Scientific Advisory Board positions include UCB, CeeTox, Synergenics, Psychogenics, Avaant, Deciphera, Lycera, Michigan High Throughput Screening Center, Verseon, CINRG, Reaction Biology, Scripps, AdmetRx, and PharmOptima. Dr. McCall holds 54 US patents and has over 60 refereed publications.